More than A Number :

An ongoing photo project

More than a number is an effort to bring the faces of people living with HIV/AIDS and those supporting people living with HIV/AIDS to the forefront of the movement. It is an ongoing project that connects the community with activism and art. Anyone is able to participate. In order to participate the contributor must first choose a number. After choosing a number that has not already been picked they then must develop a statement acknowledging that they are living with HIV/AIDS and more than a number or that they are a supporter of someone living with HIV/AIDS. After writing out this sentence, a person is welcome to add any other message they feel the world needs to know about HIV/AIDS to put it in an unstigmatizing light.

These submissions are one of two things: a person living with HIV/AIDS holding a sign that states “I am living with HIV/AIDs and I am More than a number” or a person not living HIV/AIDS holding a sign that states “My (mother, brother, sister, etc.) is more than a number.”