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Emily M. Getsay


Emily M. Getsay (M.) is a Queer Conceptual Artist, Activist, and Curator. As a conceptual artist, their pieces stem from ideas that allow an expansion of oneself through relatable and textual lens. Each lens gestates complications of triggers, misconceptions, and desires. Triggers that never disappear but only increase. Misconceptions that are never-ending. Desires that are never attainable. As humans, we experience all of these elements. It is with the exploration of body and mind that we develop meaning for these portions of ourselves. The mind is always battling the three and deciding which will overrule. Carnage and apprehension have a way of presenting them when least wanted.

With carnage, the mind strives for free will, destruction, and anarchy. With apprehension, it is battling the values of one’s being and the demands those costs will require. In between the two, there is allurement that becomes a struggle or an enticement. M. attempts to embody that space through their work.

As an activist in their hometown community of Atlanta Georgia, M. address the many social and political issues that arise living as a queer, non-binary person, in the south. Their work opposes systematic and cultural barriers such as stigma towards people living with HIV/AIDS, Sexual Harassment, Human Trafficking, Gender Identity, and coping with mental illnesses. Through their work, they explore the liminal space between perception and actual reality and create work that translates those ideas to others. As humans we are always excepting new information and trying to comprehend how we can apply it to our lives, all the while moving through time and space. M. tries to bring those ideas and knowledge to the surface so that it becomes transferable across cultures and society.


President of the Women’s Caucus For Art , Georgia Chapter

Chair of National Women’s Caucus for Art LGBTQIA + Caucus